A baking day with Moyo


We (maybe 15 or so of us) had an excellent day with Moyo (from the excellent restaurant Nova in Heswall, well worth a visit) who shared some of his baking skills with us and impressed us with the ultra-glutinous dough he had prepared , from the ‘mother’ of the bread (what we call the starter). It was wonderfully elastic and stretchy and mixed in his dough mixer which has a spiral twist to it and makes the dough more glutinous. We were encouraged not to handle the mix too much and too gently fold in the strands and then leave it to rise, covering it with cling film for 20 minutes and then putting it carefully into the bread baskets to prove, again little handling and taking care not to tear the gluten. The mix he uses is 4kg flour to 4 kg mother to 2 kg water (though there is already water in the mother)….More mother than we currently use….

After sufficient time for all the breads (550g) to rise – no set time but you need to keep an eye on it – they were all scored and put in the oven – for 2 minutes at 180 degrees C and then the oven was turned off for ten minutes – before turning it back on and leaving for 35 minutes in total (from start to finish). It rose a lot and we had some beautifully crusty and light and stretchy dough afterwards, totally more-ish and delicious.

In between, we ate chocolate chip cookies, made by Moyo and then vanilla fudge and then pies, samosas and flans – we were very well fed and had time for interesting talks and catch ups in between.

Michael regularly makes gluten-free bread for Moyo’s restaurant and it is a very good connection and long friendship. It is lovely that Moyo helps and supports the bread circle & events like this are just fantastic. He has even offered us the use of his bread mixer to see if it makes a difference to our bread.

I am not a baker and only do the starter and the shop so I may not have accurately described the stages that Moyo showed us!


Halloween 2019

Halloween loaf, the pumpkin bread. We have not used food colouring but home-made pumpkin puree from roasted Hokkaido pumpkins. We will also have some ground pumpkin powder for testing next week, that os all the gristle and skin and some of the seeds from the pumpkins, dried and ground with some salt, which makes an excellent condiment. Anyway, the rest is ordinary plain white, with Shipton Mill Canadian flour, sourdough starter, salt yeast and water. The dough was well behaved, Helen said it was a tease because of its colour and strings and holes: “it’s the colour of crunchie bars.” Apologies to those who do not like the flavour of pumpkin in their bread. Feedback very desirable. Enjoy your loaf. Greetings from the bakery team – starter by Julia, mix by Karen and Debbie, and the shape and bake was done by Helen and Janis with some help from Arezoo.


We had special pumpkin sourdough bread this week, which was very delicious and quickly ‘sold out’. Some of the bread circle went on to what we thought was an audition for a play Tickle My Fancy but the director was suddenly killed so it turned into a murder mystery. The murderer had to be one of our group because of the timing so we were not allowed to leave until the murderer was found. The police were short staffed and so we had to solve it ourselves. We spent the evening trying to find out who it was-  and it turned out to be Victoria Sponge. For a while I, Sue Zennywon, a respected lawyer, was a suspect as was Taylor Stummi and Dr Steph O’Scope and even the poor cleaner Dusty Silver, but luckily justice was done and the real culprit found. Lets hope we can put  real play on soon.d095d14f-7e51-48cf-9b6c-25a6a0314c9b.jpg