Another successful Xmas biscuit baking day 2018

A few of us met to plan the day a couple of weeks before – we chose 12 types of biscuits to do and worked out the necessary ingredients. To save time, we made an order at Sainsburys and planned a delivery. All this was very helpful. Carolyn did a spread sheet; Helen worked out an order for the day and organised the recipes; Moira did a costco shop for some of the ingredients; Natasha ordered organic lemons and limes from Riverford; Oblaten, vanilla/almond essence, redcurrant jam, rum and vanilla sugar were in our cupboard. Between us all, we had everything we needed. On the day, December 5th, the day before St Nicholas, there were 12 of us with a few additional helpers like Theo, the baby, and Daisy, the dog.

We also had special Iranian visitors Arezoo & Mehdi who really didnt know what they were letting themselves in for but unquestioningly joined in & worked very hard. We had very conscientious focussed workers and those who preferred to take their time and make works of art. It was a helluva lot to do and we miscalculated the gelee ringe ingredients and ended up with 376 instead of 120….but somehow managed to complete the big task we’d set ourselves and cleared up by 6pm – after a 9a.m start. Very very exhausting and each year I forget how tiring it is….

Recipes (& spreadsheet) will follow



One thought on “Another successful Xmas biscuit baking day 2018

  1. What a fabulous time you all had. Sorry to miss it!! Congratulations on the delicious results! Lesley and I were lucky recipients of some samples as we arrived after you at 7pm to mix the bread dough!! Just what we were looking for with our cup of tea! Many thanks Debbie and Lesley


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