Message to all the bread circle

November 8th 2018
Dear All, I just want to acknowledge the donations we get from time to time. So recently we had a whole ream of paper for the breadnotes donated by Claire G., and Karen and Steve took the trouble to get us rather special flour all the way from Woodbridge Tidemill. Also, I want to acknowledge that we get sometimes very odd amounts of money in the Whale and sometimes more than I expect which must mean that people are putting bigger than usual donations in. And of course today we have used sprouted spelt flour courtesy  of ‘Rude Health’ which normally would have cost us £20.00 plus postage. All this generosity makes the task of keeping going so much easier, but most of all I really value the contribution of the volunteers which is just magnificent.
& a message from Karen
And I would like to add… heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers for their seemingly tireless task of making and baking such glorious bread for all of us every week …