Carnival Order for Bread?

Köln Karnevalsorden copy

I was really surprised and delighted when Moira, on of our bakers, showed me her husbands grandmother’s carnival order from 1954. The inscription says ‘Fidele Brezelbrüder Köln-Land’ which may translate into something like ‘The Joyous Pretzel Brothers from outer Cologne’.

Carnival officially finishes on Shrove Tuesday. So it is this time of the year.


One thought on “Carnival Order for Bread?

  1. Moira provided more info: My husband’s mother is presently unable to provide more info directly. From what she said the medals were given to guests attending various Carnival Balls which were held during Carnival week. Each of the many different historic societies held big parties. Peter’s grandparents were invited as honorary guests to a number of events. They were both very much involved with local and national politics .

    My mother in-law does remember carnival as being a very happy time. I found this YouTube clip showing carnivals in Munich, Dusseldorf, Mainz and Cologne in 1954 – the year shown on the Brezelbruder medal

    I remember also that the official beginning of carnival was on the 11th of the 11th at 11.00 o’clock when the inauguration of this year’s carnival prince and princess would happen – widely reported in all local newspapers and the local parts of national papers.
    Then there would be parties with increasing frequency, everyone dressed up, in fancy dress , disguise or fancy states of undress. And my mother would cook doughnuts at home (instead of the British pancake). Carneval can be very exciting and full of lust and fun.


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