Baking in Rwanda

I guess it was inevitable that we would come across a bakery at some point on our Rwandan/Congo trip where both our sons were working this summer. One son returned with us to go back to university and the other stayed to continue his solar panel work. We walked together part of the Congo Nile Trail and came across a small hidden guesthouse run by a Ugandan priest and his brother. They had come after the genocide to help rebuild the country and to restore people’s shaken faith in Catholicism. They run a few projects – one is to keep bees and collect honey. Another is a preschool class for children left at home when their parents go out to work (and there is a shortage of grandparents ) and another is the bakery. Hidden away in the hills of Bumba, above Lake Kivu, near Kibuye, on the Western border of Rwanda, but widely known, people collect their bread at 6am before work. Baking starts at midday and a few hundred soft sweet rolls and dough dunked in oil are baked. Some are sold that evening and the rest the following morning.