Michael took his bread making skills today to Moelychi, a community owned farm with a shop and cafe and a shortage of local bakers! We made bagels and sourdough plain bread together with Dave who is one of the people who works there. We left most of the produce in the cafe for them to use or sell in the shop. We hope it may be the start of something. Here’s what we made and it all tasted delicious. I was there as an assistant,



bread note 13-07-2017 with visitor Mai

Bread Text 13.4.17 
Today’s loaf is the plain white, made with 100% Walk Mill flour, sourdough starter (with Walk Mill flour), salt, yeast, and a lot of Oxton spring water. Starter was done by Michael, the mix by Pete W. and Michael, and the shape and bake by Angela, Debbie, and Linda with the very competent help of Mai, a Japanese student who arrived two days before from Tokyo and this is the first time she has ever made bread. She was very good company and showed great talent! Because Pete and Michael had mixed the dough a bit earlier than usual on the Wednesday, Michael had turned the temperature of the fridge down over night, to about 2 C and the result was that the back of the dough had frozen in the fridge which was a bit of a problem for the shaping! But the very competent baking team managed. You can see them above, from left to right: Angela, Mai, Debbie, and Linda – apologies for the differences in size which I was unable to correct – they do not express preferences as such just a lack of skills! We hope you will have lots of easter eggs of the variety you like best on Sunday. All best wishes from your Bakery Gang.

Interesting bread ideas!

Jarkko from Finland has been publishing online in English for quite a few years now and is a very creative, well-connected and knowledgable guy. In his latest round robin he shares ideas about different forms of fermentation (using nettles to ferment bread?) and other things including the baking of rye bread in Iceland by burying it. Some of you might find some of this interesting!