National Poetry Day 2016 2.

Poem sent in by Jackie:


you rise from flour, water and fire.

Dense or light, flattened or round,

you duplicate the mother’s round womb


How simple you are, bread, and how profound!

You are mankind’s energy, a miracle often admired,

the will to live itself

The earth, beauty and love, all tastes like bread

Everything exists to be shared, to be freely given,

to multiply….

The, life itself, will have the shape of the bread,

deep and simple, immeasurable and pure.

Pablo Neruda


National Poetry Day 2016 1.

Leo’s poem (2013)

The Baker’s Wife could not cut bread

‘I try and try and try’ she said

But when she cut a loaf in two

the butter would slip right on through


‘Who cut this bread?’ the baker said

‘It is not on!’ shouted her son


And so the wife she took the knife

and held it high up in the sky

till all the people gathered round

‘what are you doing?’ said the crowd


‘I cannot take this anymore

the bread won’t slice so blood will pour!’

‘she’s clearly mad’ shouted her dad

‘don’t be so dumb!’ exclaimed her mum


and so the wife put down her knife

she knew she could not end her life

her son cut bread with perfect skill

so she drugged him with a sleeping pill

When he awoke, with aching head

next to a pile of fresh baked bread

he new his fate, unless he fled

till end of days he would cut bread.

cleaning on 6.10.16

The last deep clean was done by Helen and a professional cleaner about a year ago. So we thought it was high time to do another clean. Like last time one cannot actually see much as a result! But we (Angela, Julia, Lesley, Natasha and Michael) know that it has been an intense effort for over two hours that made a big difference though not all the tasks got done. So at some point we might want to ask for more volunteers for the odd cleaning event from the wider bread circle, especially if they can bring an old-fashioned scrubbing brush for the floor. So let us know via the bread doctor if you are interested in helping.
This is some of the invisible work that goes on in order for your bread to be baked every week.
A big thank you to the cleaning crew!
Here you can see Julia cleaning:
Here you can see Lesley cleaning and it looks as if she is tearing her hair out over the impossible task!
Here you can see Angela and NAtasha cleaning – everyone really stuck in their particular task.
Michael took the pictures but could not take a selfie while cleaning…