Bread in Iceland

We are on holiday in Reykjavick, to see our daughter, Sarah. Today we had lunch at the Sandholt Bakery, very good food and friendly atmosphere. The bread at the bakery looks wonderful as you can see in the photograph.image

If you are interested in what else they do here is the link to their website – Lesley and Alan

Uncollected loaves

Maybe we need to keep a note of the numbers of uncollected loaves! There are often several and we spend time in the evenings tracking down people who have forgotten or finding other people who might fancy a loaf. Often its ok but when we’re away or busy, it is a drag! So this is just a reminder please to everyone – the shop is open between 4.15 & 6.00 pm.

I thought this weeks granary and rye was particularly delicious – and probably ate a whole loaf myself last night!!! Thankyou bakers.



Bread text 25.02.2016

Bread text  25-02-2016pastedGraphic.pdf Today’s are the malted loaves. The ‘Granary type’ is made with Walk Mill malted flour, sourdough starter, salt and yeast, the malted rye is made with Shipton Mill Rye flour, cut malted rye, sunflower seeds, sourdough starter, pumpkin seeds, salt and yeast. Both are made with the famous Oxton Spring Water. Starter mix for the wheat loaf was done by Michael, for the rye loaf by Janis, dough mix for the wheat loaf by Helen, Ian and Janis, for the rye loaf by Michael. Shapers and Bakers were Debbie, Helen and Janis. As you can see from the number of names involved, the baking process requires a fair amount of organisation, these days mainly managed by Lesley. Thank you Lesley! We hope your loaf is good. Greetings from the Bakery team.

Have a look at today’s bread (18/02/2106)

Today’s loaf is the spelt loaf made with approximately 45% wholemeal 55% white flour from Shipton Mill, Oxton spring water, sourdough starter, salt and yeast. Starter mix was done by Michael, the dough mix by Lesley and Natasha and the baking and shaping by Debbie and Pete. Linda and Michael were laid low with colds so we were grateful to Pete and Debbie for shouldering the workload on their own. Eat your spelt loaf quickly as not only is it delicious fresh but it also doesn’t keep well.

The bake was uneventful and we found that spraying the loaves gave a better crust than steaming, so we may stick with this method. Spring is in the air and you might like to visit Walk Mill near Waverton and go for a walk to Hockenhall Platts. You might like to see the workings of the mill.IMG_0455

Welcome to the first blog of the breadcircle.

Maybe I’ll just write a few words about the breadcircle which has been going a few years now. It is a group of volunteers who get together each week to bake different varieties of sourdough bread collected by local friends and neighbours. Currently about 70 loaves are made on a Thursday with the starter being prepared on a Tuesday and the dough mixed on a Wednesday. Different volunteers staff the shop where the bread is collected against a donation, usually of about £1.

I’m not a baker, but the wife of the originator of the breadcircle, Michael,  and the baking takes place in our garage that has been converted into a bakery. The suggestion for a blog came from the frequent shared lunches we have and the wish to share recipes of the delicious food that is brought by everyone. I have never made a blog and am pretty technologically hopeless so I am hoping I can manage it!

It should be open to all the bakers to post on to it.